Monday, November 24, 2014

Tom Kardos, Seven Sisters, Overdue at Acapulco

Missing, the Seven Sisters, en route to AcApulco:

Last Known Position as Plotted On Google Earth

The following is from Boat Watch:

S/V Seven Sisters
Overdue at Acapulco, Mexico
November 24, 2014 @ 1500 UTC

We have been asked for assistance in locating the S/V Seven Sisters.

Boat Description:
Approximately 39 feet in length white hull with blue trim, dark blue sail and light blue mainsail. She is carrying a 10 foot grey kayak and 6 foot red inflatable.

Comms: Marine VHF Radio only.

POB: Thomas Kardos, mid 50's. 5'7" 165 lbs.

Last Known Position: 14° 11' N 095° 33' W, heading north to Acapulco, Mexico. If enough provisions could go straight to Cabo San Lucas.

Destination: Acapulco, Mexico. Was expected to arrive November 10, 2014.

Anyone with information regarding the S/V Seven Sister is requested to contact RCC Alameda at 510-437-3701 or

Thanks always to Glenn Tuttle who helps us keep abreast of missing and overdue boats, a personal concern, after our own misadventures in the past.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

SV Simplicity Found

We were just notified the SV Simplicity has been found.  We repeat a message we got from the cruisers network:

The S/V Simplicity made contact on the Maritime Mobile Service Network and advised they were delayed to their destination. The USCG was notified to cancel the boat watch. 

Thank you,

Glenn Tuttle - Moderator 
Cruisers Network Online

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Peace to all sailors and thanks to those who take the time to raise the alarm when a boat is missing.  As in the case of the SV Nina, news of a missing boat is always valid, and the sooner authorities act to find the missing the better the potential results will be.

SV Simplicity Overdue From Wilmington DE to Ft. Pierce, FL. Please Advise


Photo is of the SV Simplicity which was for sale through
the Multihullcompany.  It is a Francis 48.  It may or may
not be the boat which has been reported missing.
If you have any information about the SV Simplicity, please advise the Coast Guard IMMEDIATELY.  This boat is long over due and look-outs have seen nothing of her. 

The following message was received from Glenn Tuttle, the Cruisers Network:

USCG Wilmington, and USCG Norfolk have issued a lookout for the S/V Simplicity, a 47.5 sailing catamaran. It is a 2003 St. Francis catamaran , US flagged, and skippered by Capt. Ralph Hendry. POB: unknown. Registered Home Port: Wilmington, DE. They have EPIRB, VHF, and HF and a rib dinghy.

They were last heard from in the area of 42 mi. offshore of Wilmington on Nov. 5th. They were going from Hampton, to Ft. Pierce, FL, and are now declared overdue by the USCG. There could be as many as 5 POB, but this is taken from a year old float plan

This information was verified with the USCG as of 0645 hrs EST, Monday, 10 Nov.

Any one with any knowledge of the whereabouts of this vessel, please contact USCG Norfolk at 757-398-6390.

Glenn Tuttle - Moderator
Cruisers Network Online
Punta Gorda, FL